Construction Site Attendance Management System

Just like every other industry construction industry is also got affected by the covid crisis. With the new trends and technology construction industry is expected to grow in the coming years. This year, the covid crisis has changed the business model of the construction industry. Right from hiring laborers, scheduling of projects, client meetings to completing the projects. That’s why it is moving towards new technology to improve labor shortages and innovative ideas. For becoming a part of the upcoming trends this industry should move forward for new technology starting from hiring and maintaining laborers. We all know construction projects take a large amount of time to complete and where laborers play an important role. It has been seen that attendance of laborers is mainly done manually on construction sites which sometimes causes an error that ultimately affects payroll. There a construction site attendance management system will ensure accurate attendance.

What could happen if you don’t switch from manual marking to attendance management?

Construction sites have to manage the large workforce in multiple locations. Because there is no formal hiring of laborers many of them join and leave in the middle of the project. That becomes difficult to maintain attendance manually. Also, irregular absenteeism and poor overtime management become a major problem in projects. Therefore managers or contractors face issues while tracking laborers. If there is a proper site attendance system then contractors can easily mark attendance for multiple locations. They can even keep a record of no absentees and laborers present onsite. This will lead to efficient work management and a payroll system.

Challenges faced by Contractors or Managers on remote construction sites

Contractors face a number of challenges on remote construction sites. They have to face irregular attendance and poor workforce management. It becomes more difficult in rural areas where the records are not kept properly. Other challenges include –

  1. No record of leaves and absenteeism.
  2. The informal joining of laborers.
  3. Attendance data of multiple locations
  4. No management of clock in and clock out time.
  5. An irregular record of attendance affects the payroll system.

How a Construction Site Attendance Management System can help to solve these problems?

If there is a proper tracking system for your site you can easily manage laborers. With a proper attendance app, you can even manage multiple locations with accuracy. A site system will enable the contractors to keep the workflow smooth and systematic. You can easily check the attendance, track locations, and no of work hours. The detailed report of the workforce will help you to plan the payroll system in advance.

But if you are thinking what if your workers don’t know how to mark attendance using app or for those who can’t afford a smartphone?

Well don’t worry here is the solution. With Apps like AttendNow where you will get multiple features, there is one feature that can solve this problem. That is the Roster Attendance feature with this a contractor can mark the attendance of his workers by just saving details. You can save no of work hours and even manage leave requests. The addition of multiple sites will let you manage various projects effectively. There is a complete record of all your construction sites and your workers in the Timesheet feature. Here you can see all the details of your projects for any time and date.

Now you know the importance of having a site management system for your work. Before going for a system keep check of all your requirements and procedures for the system.

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