Location Tracking

Supervising employee attendance effectively is always a hassle for any company. With multiple offices and distributed workforce over a vast region, attendance management can get even more tricky and traditional attendance systems and biometric attendance won’t be much of a help. Confirming that employees report on time and meet their tasks at hand at different locations will be quite a challenge for a manager who’s sitting at the office. If the employees aren’t always present in the office, evaluating their performance also becomes very complicated. Businesses such as construction, delivery services, sales services, etc will always require the whereabouts of the employee to assign them with work.

That’s where the location tracking feature in an attendance management software can be a saviour. This feature captures the location of the employees using the GPS in their smartphones and allows them to mark their attendance. Not only that, but the manager will also be able to track the travel route of the employee on-field work, having a bird’s eye view of the employees’ activities every day. The possibilities of employee location tracking are various, and it is a necessity rather than an option for many organizations at the moment.

With features such as geo-fencing, the employer can create a virtual barrier around the work location and record every time employees arrive and leave. When an employee leaves the perimeter for on-field work, the software will notify the manager and start tracking the travel route of the employee. Through the geo-mark attendance feature, the employees will be able to record the location coordinates and time and accurately mark their attendance anytime while they’re inside the perimeter decided by the employer.

Every time an employee on-field punch-in and punch-out from different locations, the manager can grant the rightful attendance to the employee and reimburse their travel expenses after monitoring their travel route, distance covered, tasks cleared, etc through the attendance software. That is, detailed work information is received by the manager.

It’ll also help the employers to assign work in the nearest areas to employees, reroute them to urgent cases and ensure maximum productivity along with less travel. As the manager monitors the real-time location of the employee, more than just tracking the execution of work, he can also address security concerns and exchange insights.

Also, the software itself will calculate every valid punch-in and punch-out of the employee and provide all this data while processing the payroll. As a location tracking app promotes more transparency within the organization, discrepancies in wages can be eliminated as employees can be paid fairly based on the work done. Also, the monthly attendance and productivity reports curated by the attendance software will aid to assess the performance and efficiency of the field workforce.

If your organization has on-field employees and a chain of stores and you still don’t have an attendance management software, it’s high time you get one. With the help of its advanced features, AttendNow will smoothen your workflow and multiply the productivity of your employees along with lessening the burden for your managers and human resources.

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