Roster Feature of AttendNow App

Due to Pandemic organizations are looking forward to employee attendance app to ensure accurate attendance of their employees. Because the business world has switched to work from home the need for an employee attendance system increased. It is expected that demand will increase in the coming time. To offer the best features there are various attendance applications are present. These features are best for marking attendance, location tracking, and payroll management of employees. That’s why corporates are looking forward to these apps. Here one question arises – People who are working in the corporate world can easily mark attendance on their own as they can afford smartphones and can easily mark attendance on their own. But what about the people who can’t afford a smartphone or don’t know how to mark attendance especially in rural areas?

Well, we have a solution for this problem and that is the Roster Feature of the AttendNow app. The Roster feature is a very important feature that has been introduced by the AttendNow application. Till now people have to mark their attendance by themselves. But in this feature, a manager can mark the attendance of their employees by setting the names and roles. They have to first save all the details of their employees. Then they can easily mark the attendance of employees.

How to add employees in Roster Feature?

1. Adding your employees to the Roster feature is very simple. You have to open your AttendNow app and in the dashboard, you can easily see Add Employee option. As shown shown in image(marked in orange circle) –
2.  When you click on the Add Employee option you have to fill in details of your employees like name, contact number, role, etc.

3. Remember to select the user type in Add employee section as Roaster User for the employees whose attendance you will mark in place of them. And for others who can mark their attendance by themselves select User in options. Just like in the img below marked in a circle –

4.  After saving your employee’s details you have to again go back to the dashboard and there you can see the Roster option situated at the bottom right corner ( marked in a circle).  

5. By selecting the Roster option from your dashboard you can mark your employee’s attendance very easily.  

6. After clicking the Roster option you can see your employee’s name. There you have to select the names of your employees whom you wish to mark attendance. When you click on the Mark Attendance option situated at the bottom. You have to select your employee’s name just like the one shown in img –

7. When you select an employee’s name you will get options at the bottom to select Present, Absent, or Half day just like in the image –

8. After clicking the Present option you have to select yes and you can easily mark attendance. And the status will be shown as a present. See the img-

That’s how a Roster feature plays a very important role in the employee attendance app. For more updates, you can reach on our website AttendNow.

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