Why use an employee attendance system

Employees noting down their punch-in and punch-out time in a hurry while leaving, inaccuracies in filling out, timesheet tampering… All of these have always been a headache for employers and have affected the productivity of firms. From punch cards to contemporary access cards and biometric systems, no method has been proved to be enough. Most of the time, inaccuracies in attendance management are dealt with only after turning in the timesheets to HR.

An attendance management software will prevent employee time mismanagement and its consequences by tracking employee work hours. A good attendance management software will include features such as tracking clock-in and out, leave management payroll integration and calendar integration. Most advanced software displays characteristics like geo-tagging, geofencing and managing multiple office locations. Turns out, it’ll be a daily intensive recording of employees’ commitment to work!

With most businesses shifting to remote work in the pandemic scenario, a multi-platform supported attendance management software is the best solution for dealing with attendance-related issues, reducing administrative work, maintaining accurate attendance records and eliminating process bottlenecks.

Attendance management software comes with benefits which sum up to excluding daily lost productivity. They’re great at recapturing valuable assets such as time and money. Here are other advantages of such a system.

Easier shift scheduling

Managing attendance and synchronizing workflow is much easier with an attendance tracker system which schedules work automatically for the employees. It’ll also help both the employee and the employer in better time management.

Uncomplicated leave management

With an attendance management software, it’ll be easier to keep track of the days and hours employees work, become absent and other holidays. Tracking this will also improve project and team management as it’ll be based on the number of employees available to work.

Trouble-free payroll processing

Attendance tracking assists to supervise payroll processing and makes accounting easier. It’ll also reduce payroll processing time, provide security of payroll data and save resources, boosting potency.

Integration with third-party software

Attendance management software will allow the employer to integrate it with other third-party software applications that they use in the company. Such software will also let them create customized attendance policies tailored to the enterprise’s needs.

Workflow automation

Instead of a complicated template or spreadsheet, an automated attendance management system will smoothen the attendance recording process by eliminating redundant manual tasks and reducing errors. Also, the employer will be able to access all the information in one place.

Workflow automation also eases processes like leave approval for the staff. Employees will be able to apply for leaves through the software and the manager can reject or approve the request without any other intervening steps. Once the request is rejected or approved, the employee will be notified about it through the software.

Improve productivity

Managing attendance manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Through an automated system, the employer can save precious administration time and that combined with data accuracy helps in optimized use of resources, leading to boosted productivity and enhanced profits.

Better credibility of data

With more companies introducing work from home, the reliability of employee attendance data can be a real pain for the employer. Since attendance management software uses various parameters such as standard time and location to track the attendance, the credibility and accuracy of data are never lost.

Exceptional security and compliance

Since attendance tracking software is built around highly secure systems and architecture, they’re highly reliable and can help prevent time theft and buddy punching. Through accurate tracking of attendance, employers can provide the appropriate compensation to their employees for the extra work hours, based on current regulations.

Selfie based attendance

Users can prove and confirm their punch-in and punch-out location through selfies where the office background is also included. Picture-based attendance eliminates the possibility of buddy punching. A touch-free alternative for the biometric system, for precise attendance, in the light of the pandemic.


Tracking attendance in detail shouldn’t be considered as spying on employees. With the constantly evolving workforce dynamics, an excellent attendance tracking system will help employees to work more efficiently through better management of time. Given these huge windfalls, any employer should select a comprehensive attendance management software that’ll make processes hassle-free and smoothen the workflow.

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